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Case Study

Psst…Amazing Flavor Inside

The packaging for the Salad Pizazz!® product line was outdated and lacking pizazz! On a tight timeline, Mackey redesigned the branding and packaging to appeal to a millennial target while still being relatable to baby boomers. Each product features a close up of a delicious recipe (found on the back panel). This bullseye then draws the consumer’s eye down through the clean and organized information on the rest of the package; easily navigating through variety, flavor and benefits.

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Extensive Product Line

With a robust line of varieties and flavors, we found an opportunity to introduce a secondary brand into the lineup – Veggie Pizazz. This addition makes the products much more shoppable for consumers!


Nutritious and Delicious

The previous package design communicated very little about the product itself – which is both nutritious and delicious! The redesign is fresh, approachable and in an instant tells the consumer that what’s inside is good for them and tastes awesome... in the cart it goes!