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Case Study

Waking up the oatmeal category

The Truvia® brand team was ready to make a leap and enter a new morning category – oatmeal! Our mission was to design a distinctive package that stood out in the brand portfolio while feeling like part of the family. We meticulously crafted a packaging strategy to highlight the oatmeal’s fabulous key selling points and ensure standout presence within the category. Along with the package design, the Mackey team developed the sub-brand name “Sweet Mornings,” capturing the essence of a delightful, healthier start to the day. A dedicated photo shoot showcased the appetite appeal through packaging and lifestyle images. We also focused on compelling copywriting to create a memorable consumer experience, emphasizing the benefits and flavors of the oatmeal. The brand’s successful expansion into the oatmeal market with the “Sweet Mornings” sub-brand demonstrates our ability to blend innovation with brand consistency, creating a visually appealing and market-effective package that promises a delightful, healthier start to each day.