Client AdvancePierreā„¢ Foods
Project Type Package Redesign
Barber Foods Redesign

Gus Barber, founder of Barber Foods was a true original, creating the stuffed chicken breast. He left a legacy of products and flavors that people still love to eat today.

We wanted to honor Gus by paying homage to his Portland, Maine heritage. We captured the essence of Portland and the sense of family by utilizing a deep red color, weathered look and a unique fonts that emulate sea-worn signage seen on the coast. We brought the character of the region that blends the present with a very special past.

The focus is on the center of plate delicious fillings and trending side dishes that appeal to the current target Baby Boomers while luring Millennials to the category – by offering a fast, good for you eating experience.

We celebrate Barber Foods’ 60th Anniversary with a memorable brand logo and a package design with a hand crafted quality that leverages the brand story.

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